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AFFILIATED DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS believes that your job, no matter the size, deserves our kind of quality.

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You appreciate quality in all things. 

We do as well.

Now In our 33rd year in business,  we are proud to continue this strong committment to quality service.  Our philospohy has been simple.

"Provide a quality work product at a fair price, stay on schedule, stay within budget, listen to and understand the needs of our clients, meet and exceed all building codes, manage our jobs closely and complete our warranty work in a timely fashion.  

Moreover, our goal is to keep our long term, quality craftsmen gainfully employed, protect our homeowners' interests and have respect for our close knit neighborhoods and for our precious environment."

That's how we've stayed in business for 33 years.

Become affiliated with  Dar Castillo

Become affiliated with  Dar Castillo


33 years in the business has taught Dar a thing or two.  She knows her stuff and it shows.  Her belief in basic, honest values, always doing a great job and keeping the customer happy has led to a long run of success.  She's a master at taking your ideas, enhancing them and making them a reality. Your vision often becomes even better than you ever imagined. 

Become affiliated with  Teri Johnston

Become affiliated with  Teri Johnston


Teri Johnston is one of Key West's most prominent and admired citizens. Formerly a city commissioner, Teri is well known for her kind manner and uncompromising professionalism. Over the last 33 years she and Dar have built and established a substantial and highly regarded business. A business based on honesty, decency and serving the customer and the community.